TransAm Truck Drivers Class Action Lawsuit

Blair and Davis, et al. v. TransAm Trucking, Inc.

United State District Court for the District of Kansas
Case No.: 09-cv-2443

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Siro Smith Dickson PC, The Woody Law Firm, and Brady & Associates have filed a class action lawsuit seeking unpaid minimum wages and improper pay deductions on behalf of a class of over the road truck drivers against TransAm Trucking, Inc. The case is known as Blair and Davis, et al. v. TransAm Trucking, Inc. and was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas.

This lawsuit is about “Leased Drivers” who leased trucks through TransAm Leasing, Inc. and were classified by TransAm Trucking, Inc. as “independent contractors,” rather than as “employees.”  These leased drivers have filed suit against TransAm Trucking, Inc., claiming that under the FLSA, TransAm failed to pay minimum wages and also exacted improper charge deductions from drivers’ wages.

The court conditionally certified this case as a collective action under the FLSA on August 20, 2015 on behalf of other Leased Drivers who have been affected by TransAm’s failure to pay at least minimum wages under the FLSA to Leased Drivers.  Also certified on August 20, 2015 is a class of Leased Drivers under Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for TransAm’s alleged improper deductions of charges associated with the Leased Drivers' use of COMDATA cards, and TransAm’s failure to pay minimum wages to the Leased Drivers in violation of the Kansas Wage Payment Act.  Brady & Associates, The Woody Law Firm and Siro Smith Dickson PC were designated by the Court as class counsel for the Leased Drivers in the classes.

If you consented to join the lawsuit, Larry Blair, et al. v. TransAm Trucking, Inc, you were mailed the court authorized questionnaire on May 17, 2016. This is a friendly reminder to complete and return the questionnaire by August 15th, 2016. You can obtain a copy of the questionnaire in PDF format to print and return below.

pdf-icon Download Court Authorized Questionnaire

Contact Information for the attorneys is:

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Siro Smith Dickson PC
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Brady & Associates
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